Press Release: R2 Medical Group Re-Launches as Cowork Medical

Press Release: R2 Medical Group Re-Launches as Cowork Medical
Oct 31, 2019

Cowork Medical Calling Physicians in the Maryland, Baltimore and DC Areas Looking to Launch Private Practice

CHEVY CHASE, Md., Oct. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Cowork Medical, the Maryland-based medical coworking practice model for physicians, has re-launched its brand currently located in Chevy Chase, MD. Originally launched in October 2018 as R2 Medical Group, since then, the company has undergone a strategic rebrand and relaunch under its new name Cowork Medical. Founded by Dr. Reza Mirali, Cowork Medical, a coworking medical practice model, offers critical practice startup guidance and advise, more cost-effective, customizable, and completely state-of-the-art medical offices, staffing solutions, and operational support.”We are excited about relaunching as Cowork Medical,” said Dr. Reza Mirali, CEO and Co-Founder of Cowork Medical. “It was very important to us to differentiate ourselves within the market as a coworking model for physicians rather than another medical group or office sharing. As Cowork Medical, we are able to make our model clearly communicated and easier to comprehend, thus allowing physicians to appreciate us for what we have to offer, a coworking practice model as a real alternative to employed model to allow physicians to maintain their autonomy.”Launched for doctors, by doctors, the Cowork Medical executive leadership team is made up of industry veterans in addition to a board of advisors who have been carefully selected to ensure that Cowork Medical not only meets, but exceeds members expectations. In addition to Dr. Reza Mirali, the Cowork Medical executive team is also comprised of Susanne Talebian, Dr. Gopal Bajaj and Alex A. Khorram.

Talebian serves as Medical’s Director of Operations, bringing over 30 years of management experience in all facets of the healthcare industry to the Cowork Medical team. In her role, she will be spearheading Cowork Medical’s overall operations to ensure all members receive the operational and administrative support needed to thrive. Bajaj and Khorram, today act as advisors, with Gopal brings years of medical experience from teaching at John Hopkins to research positions roles in Germany, his extensive experience in the field is a huge asset to the Cowork Medical team. Khorram is the founder and former CEO of MachineQ, and has had a career in technology and communications for over twenty years, founding and managing several corporations. He will serve as Cowork Medicals advisor, helping the team’s overall strategy for growth, internal and external communications and assisting the team with business development.

“We are building an important founding team at Cowork Medical with a unique set of individuals,” stated Mirali, CEO of Cowork Medical. “Each person has been hand selected and has a set of complementary skills that will help the organization reach it’s full potential.”

Cowork Medical is turning the tide with its innovative medical coworking solution that is disrupting the traditional physician practice model and making an independent career in medicine more viable and more attractive. Founded by Dr. Reza Mirali, Cowork Medical gives doctors the opportunity to open a private practice, without the heavy financial and administrative burden of running a medical practice.

Shared medical offices spaces are common in the medical practice.  This is not Cowork Medical’s model.  Cowork Medical, with the benefit of over 50 years of healthcare experience amongst its founders, has realized that a simple shared office does very little to shepherd the doctors entering independent practice through all the trials and tribulations of establishing a practice and running it long term. In addition to giving physicians access to the shared economy, Cowork Medical further adds support of business insight, advice and guidance when physicians need it the most. For a nominal monthly membership, physicians have access to one or more of Cowork’s Class A, fully supplied and equipped office locations, staffing solutions and business intelligence. Doctors can reserve exam, procedure and consultation rooms by half-day increments, allowing them to only pay for space when needed and allowing them further flexibility to grow. Cowork Medical is looking to grow its services to full staffing, medical records and billing, benefits for members and their staff and expanded marketing benefits.

Originally posted through PR Newswire | October 31, 2019

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