Career Pathing for Doctors

Career Pathing for Doctors
Nov 14, 2019

By Reza Mirali, MD, MBA, FACS

The journey to becoming a physician is not an easy one by any measures. Invariably, for most of us, it involves years of dedicated studying, innumerable late nights, and countless hours spent away from family and friends. Furthermore, there is the large amount of financial debt that most of us have accumulated along the way. We expect the hard work will be paid back through professional satisfaction with the financial freedom to pay our debts back and live fulfilling lives. The decision to pursue a career path in an independent model vs. an employed one should be one that we can make freely based on the tools/information we have been given. The medical education system has done very little to prepare its graduates for the career decisions and the business of practicing medicine. We need unbiased resources to help us in establishing and maintaining our independence.

For those who wish to pursue the independent model, Cowork Medical provides the medical coworking solution: providing physicians with the information, resources, and support to make starting a medical practice easier. This physician coworking model provides a neutral setting with an unbiased culture towards helping physicians with timely advice and resources to gradually grow and nurture their medical practices. This is done quite simply through creating a well designed and contemporary office in a grade A medical facility, shared medical offices or shared physician offices, necessary resources to run a practice, and an environment of coworking that allow for synergies of its community to become a significant asset to its members (the physicians).  

This model not only obviates most medical practice start-up cost but it also voids any need for long term medical office space lease contracts.  Our medical coworking model goes beyond simple medical space sharing or medical office rental. The cost savings realized through our medical coworking model continue well into subsequent years of running and managing the medical practice, by reducing the physician’s practice overhead by at least one third.  What does all of this translate to? The path towards reducing the barriers to starting a medical practice with reduced financial cost and administrative burden. This will further reduce the stresses of a medical practice, and strives to address the larger issues of physician burnout and medical professional dissatisfaction.  We all can appreciate that a less stressed physician is a more effective care provider at his/her medical practice as well as in their own personal lives.  

Cowork Medical is the easiest way to start a practice or expand to a new location.

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