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  • Access to all common areas
  • Personal work desk
Current Room Rates
Exam Room - 1/2 day
Consultation Room - 1/2 day
Procedure Room - 1/2 day
Conference Room - hourly

Our Membership Include:

Global access to all our locations
Access to all common areas
Personal work desk
Personal mailbox and locker
Spacious waiting rooms
Large nurse's station
Cloud-based security access
CCTV security
App-based access to services
App-based community platform
WiFi wireless internet
Printers and scanners
Complimentary drinks and snacks
Cowork 1
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Cowork Medical is the easiest way to start a new practice or expand to a new location.

Estimate your first year savings with Cowork Medical

Patients Per Week*
Weeks Per Month
Revenue Per Patient
*Assumes Year 1 patient encounter compound annual growth rate of 50% every 3 months for the first 12 months (i.e. growth stage of start‑up).

Compare the Year 1 Income:

Private Practice** $-71,328
w/out Cowork Medical
Using Cowork Medical $15,406
**Based on 1500 ft2 office w/ 2 full-time staff
Saved w/ Cowork Medical $86,734
Save an average of $65K in startup expenses alone
Save with our flexible on-demand staffing options
Save enough to be able to take home a real salary!

Common Questions

Will my patients see this as my office or belonging to Cowork Medical?

Cowork Medical and its individual location names will be fully in the background. Patients reach their doctor’s name in lobby, see the name at the door to each office, and each exam room.

Who will be helping the new doctors to get their practices started?

Cowork Medical offers tailored practice management services that are available to members at each and every Cowork Medical location.

What if I need more or less staff as my practice scales?

You pay for only the staff and rooms you need, so as your business scales, so do all of our services.

How is room scheduling done?

This is all done via our app. Physicians will have the ability to reserve rooms and half day blocks for one year out

Is there a minimum lease term or office space used?

In short, no. Our model is based on flexibility to physicians. Our contracts will allow physicians terminate contracts in a few months if needed.

How is EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EHR (Electronic Health Records) supported at Cowork Medical?

Each physician will be instructed and supported in selecting software that matches their need. Cowork Medical™ does not have any preference except that it should be cloud-based.

Interested in the Cowork Medical practice model? Contact us with no commitment.

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