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Can a physician retire without burnout or a hard stop?

It is not a secret that physicians do not anticipate and plan well for retirement. Selling off a practice outright has become less doable overtime; the value of a practice today is more in the physician and not in the office rooms or charts or equipment. Just as misplaced a strategy is that new doctors can be brought in and in a couple of years they are ready to take over the large office expense and administration. More new doctors are choosing the employed model so finding the right person(s) becomes more difficult, and comes with the added stress of junior partners meeting their clinical productivity or leaving the practice altogether.

The other option for retiring physician is to close up a practice, basically going from a full throttle to zero in short time. Going part-time will usually not pay for all the overhead and expenses of their practice. The option to slowly transition to full retirement are far and few in between and not often desirable to the physicians.

Instantly reduce your overhead by paying for just the office hours and staff you need

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Reduce clinical hours without the concern of a large overhead to still pay for.
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Freedom to plan vacations or temporarily close the office whenever you need.
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Our services are designed to scale so you can retire at your own pace.
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Be a mentor to a younger generation of doctors without business entanglement concerns.

Simple, transparent, and scalable pricing

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