Independent medical practices come in all shapes and sizes

We help them all
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Low cost way for residents to start a new medical practice

Don’t go uninformed about the realities of independent practice — or how to make it succeed. Cowork Medical provides the resources, guidance, and an independent model that reduces the costs and burdens of starting your own medical practice.
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Easy and low cost way for doctors to transition into private practice

Thinking about a change from the employed model to private practice? Cowork Medical makes it simple to transition to private practice - from office space, to staffing and business services, with guidance every step of the way.
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Expand your medical practice with less financial risk and overhead

A Cowork Medical membership gives expanding medical practices access to fully customized, turkey offices - without the huge costs and risks that come with opening a new location.
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Great option for retiring physicians who want to stay busy

It is not a secret that physicians do not anticipate and plan well for retirement. Cowork Medical enables physicians to retire at their own pace with flexible resources, office space, and staffing.
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More space to expand your practice without the hassle of ownership

Cowork Medical offices can be used to quickly expand or provide strategic clinical presence for large medical practices.
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Ideal location and cost-effective way to practice concierge medicine

If you have a concierge medical practice or are thinking of starting one, we make getting access to new medical spaces simple and easy.
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Independent and flexible medical space option for independent doctors

If you are a portfolio, multi-career, or physician needing flexible hours, Cowork Medical is the solution for you.
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Great option for physicians who need flexible work hours

Physicians have to put aside much in life for their careers – family doesn’t need be one of them.
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