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Transitioning from an employed practice

We make moving to private practice simple, with the support, resources, and spaces to keep your overhead low.

Considering the switch to private practice, but concerned about costs and stress?

When faced with what practice model to pursue, physicians too frequently base this vital decision on what they know and are comfortable with, the one they may have been dealing with for their entire training process - the hospital system. Many have not had adequate or proper introduction into the independent practice model, and therefore it remains a black box full of potential cost, stress and more work upfront. The decision of which model to persue should not be grounded in half-truths and myths.

Physicians, who have been in employed model for a few years, become disenchanted by what they have now experienced and chose to leave and embark on a different practice model. This discontent can stem from lack of flexibility, varying compensation model, unreasonable demands on time and resources, lack of independence and autonomy, and simply the risk-benefit of being in a known system not paying off.

Cowork Medical is designed to be more flexible way of having your independent practice

Support and resources for physicians to establish their own practice with less risk, cost and stress.
We can get right consultant to help you properly structure and establish your new practice.
We provide staffing, physical spaces, and essential medical equipment to start seeing patients without delay.
The added benefits of a physician community providing collegial support and potential referrals.

Simple, transparent, and scalable pricing

Pay for only the rooms and staff you need. Cancel anytime.

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Cowork Medical is designed to support independent practices of all sizes

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