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Graduating Residents

Cowork Medical reduces the cost of starting a new medical practice with turnkey offices, staffing, and resources.

Graduating residents, which path will you choose?

The journey to becoming a physician is not an easy one by any measures. Invariably, for most of us, it involves years of dedicated studying, innumerable late nights, and countless hours spent away from family and friends. Furthermore is the large amount of financial debt that most of us have accumulated along the way. We expect the hard work will paid back through professional satisfaction and the financial freedom to pay our debts back and live a fulfilling life.

The medical education system does very little to prepare new doctors for the career decisions and the business of practicing medicine. Mentors in residency may have been an excellent resource for what specialty to chose but certainly most were not any more knowledgeable than residents regarding what practice model to pursue. Most had only experienced one model of practice. For those who wish to persue the independent model, Cowork Medical provides graduating residents the information, resources, and support to make starting a medical practice easier.

Cowork Medical is the smarter, quicker way to start your new practice

We help guide new doctors along the path of establishing their practice and staying independent.
Start small and scale up with the ability to control costs in everything from staffing to office hours.
Members get access to all of our locations and offices to allow for the future growth or expansion of their practice.
An organic professional community providing collegial support, resources for medical advice and a potential referral base.

Simple, transparent, and scalable pricing

Pay for only the rooms and staff you need. Cancel anytime.

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Cowork Medical is designed to support independent practices of all sizes

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