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Medical Space for Rent 7878457819781378107853787178337830
Patients Per Week*
Weeks Per Month
Medical Space for Rent 44224674474104704364448
Revenue Per Patient
*Assumes Year 1 patient encounter compound annual growth rate of 50% every 3 months for the first 12 months.
Private Practice** $-71,328
w/out Cowork Medical
Using Cowork Medical $15,406
**Based on 1500 ft2 office w/ 2 full-time staff
Saved w/ Cowork Medical $86,734

Cowork Medical pricing

Ideal for Telemedicine.
$350 /mo
Start Up
8 hours practice use per month.
$825 /mo
Established 1
16 hours practice use per month.
$1250 /mo
Established 2
40 hours practice use per month.
$2750 /mo
Established 3
80 hours practice use per month.
$5200 /mo
High Volume
120 hours practice use per month.
$7000 /mo
Room rates
Exam Room (2/4 hours)
$150 / $275
Consultation Room (4 hours)
Procedure Room (4 hours)
Conference Room (hourly)

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Practice Hours per Month
Block Options
Plan Fee
Front Desk Receptionist
Clinical & Clerical Supplies
Exam Room Set Up
Group Purchasing Power
Up to 40 – 70% discounted pricing
Name Display Kiosk
Discounted Parking
Office Space Use
Discounted Business Partner Solutions
Start Up
8 hours
2 or 4 hour
16 hours
4 hour
Established 2
40 hours
4 hour
Established 3
80 hours
4 hour
120 hours
4 hour

Common questions

Will my patients see this as my office or belonging to Cowork Medical?

Patients reach their doctor’s name in lobby, as well as the doors to each office and exam rooms.
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Who will be helping the new doctors to get their practices started?

We offer tailored practice management services that are available to members at every Cowork Medical location.
Medical Space for Rent 393968395339439323963391939163972

What if I need more or less staff as my practice scales?

You pay for only the staff and rooms you need, so as your business scales, so do all of our services.
Medical Space for Rent 252565252125612579254225702554257

How do I reserve rooms?

Members reserve rooms via our app.
Medical Space for Rent 6969176928696269346910693669616954

Is there a minimum membership term?

In short, no. Our model is based on flexibility to physicians. Contracts can conclude after 90 days.
Medical Space for Rent 171725174172617191762176817281779

How is EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EHR (Electronic Health Records) supported at Cowork Medical?

Members can select their own EMR/EHR as long as it is cloud-based.
Medical Space for Rent 3939713983924393395439213943395

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